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Ritana Books

I - 843C Palam Vihar,
Gurgaon - 122017, INDIA

81, Defence Colony Flyover Market
New Delhi - 110 024, INDIA
Cell No : 9810095486
Email : ritanabooks@gmail.com

Rock Furtado
(Chief Executive)

  • Ritana books made a modest beginning in January 1984 with a showroom at 81 Defence colony flyover market, New Delhi 110024 The company has grown significantly over the years and occupies a very important place in the world of books.
  • Ritana Books publishes well known authors on Military subjects, aviation, religion, spirituality, General, Fiction and Non-Fiction etc.
  • Ritana distributes books from UK / USA and other Indian publishers.
  • Ritana supplies to libraries throughout the country. Ritana has the facility to procure books published anywhere in the world.
  • Ritana stocks IGNOU study material and supplies requirement of students / institutions
INVITATION TO AUTHORS: Ritana Books is well known in the world of publishing quality books and Coffee Table books.
Authors are invited to send Manuscripts on Defence/ Military, Mind.Body!Sprit, Mass Market General and Educational subjects to the publishers.

Ritana has other very successful business ventures.

Ritana Education Pvt Ltd.

81, Defence Colony Flyover Market
New Delhi-110024, INDIA
Cell No : 9810095486
Email: ritanabooks@gmail.com

Rock Furtado
(Managing Director)

Blossom Furtado

Ritana Media

A complete facility for designing and printing of magazines

81, Defence Colony Flyover Market
New Delhi-110024, INDIA
Cell No : 9810095486
Email: ritanamedia@gmail.com

Rock Furtado
(Chief Executive)


Ritana Travels Private limited

A full fledged travel company handling all travel related services including domestic + international Air Travel

81 Defence Colony Flyover Market,
New Delhi 110 024, India.
Mobile: 9811009586

Email: ritanamedia@gmail.com

Blossom Furtado
(Executive Director)

THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA reaches out with this objective to be able to create an awareness that YOU ARE WHOLE AND COMPLETE and everything that you need lies deep within yourself and all you have to do is go within your INNER WORLD and retrieve everything that can forward you in this physical embodiment.

If there is A DESIRE TO HEAL YOURSELF to be able to face LIFE fearlessly, contact us at the CLINIC for INDIVIDUAL THERAPIES through a one to one Session.

If there is a deep innate desire to REACH OUT AND HEAL OTHERS through a modality that is Harmless, Non-Invasive and EMPOWERS WHILST HEALING then explore our CAREER ORIENTED Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy and Special Courses. We give you Hands On Training at our Clinics and Centers to enable you to set up your own Practice as a CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST & PAST LIFE THERAPIST.

The Hypnotherapy School of India
81 Defence Colony Flyover Market
New Delhi-110024, INDIA
Cell No:- 9810095486 / 9811047587
Email:- powerlife@rediffmail.com
website: www.hypnotherapyschoolindia.com

Blossom Furtado

Masters in Alternative Medicine - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist � Past Life Therapist - Counsellor - Life Coach - Trainer � Teacher for Hypnotherapy Courses, Regression Courses and other Therapeutic Approaches.

The Hypnotherapy School of India

Your Empowerment Clinic

81 Defence Colony Flyover Market
New Delhi-110024, INDIA
Tel: 9811047587
website: www.hypnotherapyschoolindia.com

Email: powerlife@rediffmail.com

Blossom Furtado
M.D. (Alternative Medicine)
Clinical Hypnotherapist | Past Life Therapist | Counsellor | Trainer

Blossom Furtado is a well known and a popular consultant in the field of alternative medicine and conducts individual consultation and workshops for corporates, schools, NGOs, and other institutions. She has impacted lives of thousands of students through "Towards a Drug Free World" workshops conducted in schools. Similarly much of her workshops for corporates on Work Life Balance, Accessing Abundance, etc have impacted many in the corporate world. Schools/Corporates/Institutions/NGO's and others are welcome to email us for booking workshops in advance.

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Individual Consultation

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Spirit Release Therapy
  • Spiritual Hypnosis
  • Energy Healing
  • Self Hypnosis


  • Stress Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Holistic Healing
  • Self Empowerment
  • Meditation
  • Drug Education
  • Accessing Abundance
A lot has been written about Aikya/HSI in many leading Newspapers and Dailys
Past Life Regression Therapy by
Dr Blossom Furtado on India's
most popular channel.

Jul 14,2006
Hypnotherapy & Past life Therapy

Many queued up to see Blossom
Furtado, Hypnotherapist, at
the Trade Fair

Nov 28, 2005

Exclusive HEALING TOUCH programme
featuring Dr Blossom Furtado
on national channel.

May 25,2006
Spirituality on Sale
Nov 15, 2005
Hypnosis, flower therapy on offer
Nov 19, 2005