Ask yourself:  “Do you feel there are major changes occurring in the world?”

If the answer is ‘No’, you do not need to read this book.

But if the answer is ‘Yes’, then this book will provide you insights into your feelings, and provide many answers to questions that you did not know whom to ask.

Around the world, there has been a lot of talk lately about the major ‘Shift’ that we, as Mankind, along with Planet Earth, are experiencing.

Beyond the well-documented geophysical changes, like major increases in the number of earthquakes, volcanic erruptions, hurricanes and other natural phenomena, there are also major changes in every area of life that affect each and every one of us. These may be:

• Long established relationships of all kinds suddenly changing or abruptly ending.
• Physical body changes that appear as diseases that the medical professionals are unable to diagnose or treat.
• Major growth in spiritual awareness, accompanied by increase in the search for Self-realization, and use of techniques like   meditation and yoga.
• Global decline in church attendance, and participation and membership in all traditional religious establishments.
• Tremendous growth in the technologies of instant communication making the world a smaller and smaller place turning it   into a global village.
• Sudden surge of channelled information in various forms, leading to the publication of many books such as
  ‘Conversations with God '.
• Contacts with various entities from many dimensions in many different forms.
• Influx of Indigo and Crystal children.
• Revelations of major secrets leading to the collapse of many long-established pillars of our society individuals and   organizations.


A vast majority of people are aware of, or have heard, bits and pieces of these changes or the Shift. A few books have been written about the Shift. Most of these either emphasize the natural disasters and make the Shift’ sound like something to be feared or talk about it in terms of ‘Raising Consciousness’ and make the subject too esoteric and philosophical for common understanding.

Based on his extensive scientific and spiritual background, and his own first-hand familiarity of the cultures and beliefs of people around the world, Dr. Sunny Satin has brought the entire picture of the Shift together, so you can see this picture clearly.

The book is a guide for anyone looking to work his/her way through the Shift to a New World that is unbelievably positive and full of Love.

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