Patriotism in Action catalogues Goa's significant contribution to the commisioned officer ranks in the three wings of India's defence services. A contribution perhaps the highest -per capita or proportionate to population - among the regions of India, even though a complete listing is still an unfinished task.Includes both colour and b/w pictures. Hardback.

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Author: Valmiki Faleiro ISBN 978-93980739-06-9 Price : Rs. 600

Heroes of Kargil recounts in graphic detail the raw courage displayed by the young officers and jawans of the Indian Army. These young heroes battled the well-entrenched Pakistani soldiers in treacherous high-attitude terrain under extremely difficult climatic conditions and came out winners. The accompanying photographs vividly highlight the stark almost surreal beauty of the landscape in Kargil district.

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Author : Colonel Gurmeet Kanwal Price : Rs. 1200

This book is dedicated to the heroes of Kargil and captures in graphic detail the awesome beauty of the stark mountainous terrain and the thunder of the big guns of Kargil that made it possible for the Indian army to comprehensively defeat the Pakistani army once again. The photographs are a visual delight and tell their own stories of indomitable courage and unshakeable steadfastness.

Kargil' 99
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ISBN 1-897829-64-7 Text : Colonel Gurmeet Kanwal Coordination : Colonel Raju George, Lieutenant Colonel S K Sharma Book Design : Bharat Verma Price : Rs. 995

This book attempts to capture the glory of vintage Indian cannons. It is the first ever endeavour at compiling the details of ancient guns and presenting them within the bounds of a single cover. The strains of cannonade of old Indian guns with their full valour and glory has been brought to the reader through lucid text and eye catching images.

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ISBN 0333-93673-6 Project Coordination :Colonel Raju George, Lieutenant Colonel S K Sharma Jacket Design : Lieutenant Colonel Rakesh Aima Price : Rs. 1500