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Holistic Living
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Liberating & Integrating The Total Personality

" Holistic Living" by Blossom Furtado

A powerful book that can awaken you to access your inner self and live a life that is effective and productive.

Case studies that throw light and uncover the hitherto unspoken world of transformation through regression work.

A must read for all those who have questions and need to find answers to futher their desire to make a difference for themselves in this lifetime in the here and now.   Read More...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Blossom Furtado

Blossom Furtado is a trainer, teacher, coach and therapist with more than 25 years of experience in the study of the Mind and the Metaphysical World. She is a specialist in the area of Regression and Transpersonal work and accessing the sub-conscious, a field that is increasingly gaining acceptance. She travels extensively and teaches professional Hypnosis, Regression, Past Life and advanced techniques to professionals and also teaches Self Hypnosis to group and clients for personal and professional motivation. Her mission is ' A healer in every family' and ultimately to bring in the realization that everything we need, we already have. In Holistic Living she shares some of the cases handled and transformations that are possible when Inner World is accessed.

Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-55-7 Publication Date: 5 February 2013 Pagination: 210 Binding:Paperback Size: 8.1/2" by 5.1/2"  Price: Rs.295

Holistic Living
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HOLISTIC LIVING [ in Hindi] by Blossom Furtado


" Holistic Living" by Blossom Furtado

A powerful book that can awaken you to access your inner self and live a life that is effective and productive.

Case studies that throw light and uncover the hitherto unspoken world of transformation through regression work.

A must read for all those who have questions and need to find answers to further their desire to make a difference for themselves in this lifetime in the here and now.   Read More...

Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-62-5 Publication Date: November 2015 Pagination: 214 Binding:Paperback Size: 8.1/2" by 5.1/2"  Price: Rs.195 Rights: World

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Editor: Group Captain K Nachiketa VM

Air to Air refuelling has added an interesting strategic dimension to military warfare by redefining the 'reach' and 'patrol time' of aircraft. Indian Air Force, in its quest for modernization and strategic growth, armed itself with this potent force multiplier in 2002. A decade of tanker operations, with diverse receivers, complex operational scenarios and employability in multinational exercises has not just validated the air to air refuelling concept for IAF operations, but has made powerful inroads into the conventional warfare planning and thought process.

78 Squadron of the Indian Air Force has the privilege of being the only dedicated air to air refuelling squadron.

This all-colour pictoral book of 100 pages is compiled by a team of Tanker crew from 78 Squadron and covers history and development, aerial refuelling s ystems, strategic/tactical implications and employment, flight refueller aircraft since inception, present day tankers in service, refuellers equipment development and the latest developments in air to air refuelling.

Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250618 Publication Date: 2014 Pagination: 100.Printed on 170 gsm art paper Binding:Digital Full colour Hardcover with jacket Over 120 photographs and illustrations Size: 8.1/4" x 10"  Price: Rs.1500


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BY Adrian Finkelstein, M.D,

What if you awoke one day and had memories that were not your own?

In 1998, Sherrie Lea Laird – a rising young Canadian pop star –was having at hat very experience and in desperation she contacted California psychiatrist Dr Adrian Finkelstein for help. Her story, although in many ways not new to Dr Finkelstein, had one astonishing twist.

Marilyn Monroe Returns revels provocative new evidence that Sherrie Lea Laird, who shares undeniably remarkable similarities with the legendary icon, is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Stunning photos powerfully demonstrate the many characteristics these two ladies share, including bone structure, voice pattern, and handwriting.

In her own words, and under deep hypnosis, Sherrie Lea reflects on a lifetime of being Marilyn: her childhood as Norma Jean, her rise to super-stardom, as well as her many loves. And, most dramatically, she answers a question that has plagued Marilyn’s fans for more than forty years. Was Marilyn’s death truly a suicide?

Does reincarnation exist? Read this extraordinary story and decide for yourself.


“Finkelstein and Laird must be given credit for their unparalleled take on the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Laird’s account is reminiscent of the 1956 bestseller The Search for Bridley Murphy…” – Los Angeles Times.

About the authors:

Adrian Finkelstein, MD, is a distinguished research award winning graduate of the prestigious Menninger School of Phychiatry and a former professor at Chicago Medical School, Chicago Rush Medical School and UCLA. He is the author of several books and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and the BBC. He practices holistic medicine and psychiatry in Malibu, California, USA.

Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-58-8 Publication Date: 12 August 2013 Pagination: 308 plus 8 Colour pages Binding:Paperback Subject:Past Life/ Mind Body Spirit Size: : 9" by 6 Price: Rs.Rs.395


Price Rs.395


On July 2, 1932, after a three year secret love affair, MGM producer and notorious nice guy Paul Bern marries screen icon Jean Harlow. Two months later, he is found shot to death in their Benedict Canyon Home.

Through the use of hypnotic regressions and extensive research, Franich and Finkelstein offer a glimpse into the life of the young ingénue as she makes her way in Hollywood, falls in love with the older Bern, and becomes the innocent prey of MGM boss Louis Mayer who fixed the evidence to make her beloved husband’s death look like a suicide.

The authors go on to uncover the real story of love, crime and mystery of these two very good people, Jean Harlow and Paul Bern, from the Golden Age of Hollywood that was misrepresented by the MGM’S boss L.B. Mayer’s scripted Hollywood lore. From his reputation as “the nicest guy in Hollywood,” Paul Bern was tarnished to appear as an “evil, impotent wife-beater” who committed suicide.

Jean Harlow never went along with this story.

Whether, coming back from the 1930s, beyond the grave, as possible reincarnates of Harlow and Bern, channeling them, intuitively, analytically, or all of the above, Finkelstein, a renown psychiatrist, joining Franich, an intuitive teacher, reveals to the reader a heartwarming story of increasing suspense with a happy ending, proving that good wins over evil and love is immortal.

About the authors:

Adrian Finkelstein, MD, is a distinguished research award winning graduate of the prestigious Menninger School of Phychiatry and a former professor at Chicago Medical School, Chicago Rush Medical School and UCLA. He is the author of several books and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and the BBC. He practices holistic medicine and psychiatry in Malibu, California, USA.

Valerie Franich, MEd, earned a bachelor’s degree in mental health psychology mainstream and special education from Western Washington University and a master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, USA. She has more than twenty years of experience as an intuitive educator and disability advocate. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-57-1 Publication Date: 12 August 2013 Pagination: 300 Binding:Paperback Subject:Past Life/ Mind Body Spirit/Mystery. Size: 9" by 6" Price: Rs.395


Price Rs.395

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Now In Paperback Edition!


by Dr. Sunny Satin Ph.D.

This is a different kind of a self-help book. It seeks to help you not only in the current times, but also in the future. The 'Shift' refers to the increase in the Schumann Resonnance, or the basic resonance frequency of the earth. The author phrases it as - 'the basic heartbeat of the earth' and explains that since 1983 this value measured in Hz has continuously increased. That means by 2013 the world will be vibrating at least 50% faster than it was in the year 1983" he states. The concurrent natural and scientific changes on the planet on humans will result in heightened abilities and a civilization that operates on a more spiritual and egalitarian level than now. Since hardly any one can deny that world of more light and love would be preferable to the current one, and across the world individuals and groups are rejecting the old order based on hierarchy, fear and force, this book is likely to be widely read and discussed.
A review in THE HINDU

In Incredibly Believable! for the first time Dr. Sunny Satin combines the background of the shift, the guidance of easing one’s way through the shift, and most uniquely, provides a description of the New World after the ‘Shift’. This is a very down-to-earth, real-life description written in simple language so that every reader, irrespective of his/her educational level or background, can clearly understand the New World after the ‘Shift’.


Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-51-9 Publication Date: 2012 Pagination: 300 Binding:Paperback Size: 8" x 5.3/4" Price: Rs.395


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Starting 2012 is a universal time of World adjustment and is upon us now. One of the human abuses of great magnitude is the imbalances of money or economics. The World is about to react to the imbalances and injustices – and the way – one way of cleansing misdeed is through karmic destruction.

This more than 900 page, monumental work of Dr Joseph Costa, of changing predictions of the past through Mind thinking [not Brain thinking]is likely to be widely read and discussed.
 Chapter I    Chapter II
ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Dr. Joseph Costa, Ph.D.
Dr. Joseph Costa was born in 1924 in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA, the second of sixchildren of Portuguese immigrants. He left school at 14 to help support his family. At 18 he enlisted in the Army and served under General George Patton in Europe. After WWII he worked as an engineer on the All American Canal in California. In 1948 he went to Alaska where he homesteaded in the wilderness.

Typical for the life of a Seeker, Joseph went through many career and life changes. Besides being a highway engineer, he served as a big game guide. The wilderness of Alaska impressed him deeply and it was
Specifications (Paperback): ISBN: 978-81-85250-53-3 Publication: 2012 [Year] Pages: 908 Price: Rs. 1500
Specifications (Hardback): ISBN: 978-81-85250-52-6 Publication: 2012 [Year] Pages: 908 Price: Rs. 2500
Born Again
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" Born Again " by Walter Semkiw, MD

Are we born again? What if we had another life, at another time and place, in another body? Why is it that two children of the same parent have totally different mental tendencies which they display at a very early age? How is it that some people are able to learn a foreign language very easily? Is who I am today a result of my past life and will the choices I make today determine who I am in another?

In this provocative book, Dr. Walter Semkiw asks a startling question - ARE WE BORN AGAIN? He takes the subject of past lives and reincarnation to a new level of possibility. He has researched in to the lives of our international celebrities and India's Political legends and film stars and has come up with some startling information which is hard to ignore given the very methodical way in which he has proceeded to establish the past life connection. Facial matches, personality matches - the result is a fascinating new angle on history, culture and the continuity of life.

Personalities covered - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Indira Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sonia Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, JK Rowling and many more...

Specifications: ISBN 81-85250-37-5 Publication Date: 6th March, 2006 Size: 8.1/2" x 5.1/2" Pagination: 408 Binding: Paperback 166 photos

Price: Rs. 295/-
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ARE WE ON A JOURNEY ? The author of bestselling BORN AGAIN now brings you ORIGIN OF THE SOUL AND THE PURPOSE OF REINCARNATION - yet another thoroughly researched book taking you deeper into the understanding of the fascinating world of Past Life and Reincarnation. Dr Walter Semkiw reaffirms his commitment to shine more light and successfully approaches the subject so that it appeals to a wider audience and answers some of the longstanding questions on everyone's mind:   more...

ISBN 81-85250-43-X Publication Date: November 2008 Pagination: 246 Binding: Paperback Price: Rs.295. US $25

There was a persistent demand for a Hindi edition of the ever popular book in English.Hindi readers will be thrilled with this book. The book covers reincarnation cases of Dr Abdul Kalam, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Sonia Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dr Vikram Sarabhai and others... A fascinating study, makes very interesting reading.

Price: Rs. 195/-
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ISBN 81-85250-42-1 Publication Date: November 2008 Pagination: 172 Binding: Paperback Price: Rs.195


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Limited Hardback Edition!


Ask yourself:  “Do you feel there are major changes occurring in the world?”

If the answer is ‘No’, you do not need to read this book.

But if the answer is ‘Yes’, then this book will provide you insights into your feelings, and provide many answers to questions that you did not know whom to ask.

Around the world, there has been a lot of talk lately about the major “Shift” that we, as Mankind, along with Planet Earth, are experiencing. 

Beyond the well-documented geophysical changes, like major increases in the number of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and other natural phenomena, there are also major changes in every area of life that affect each and every one of us.  more...


Specifications: ISBN: 81-85250-40-5 Publication Date: February, 2007 Pagination: 300 Binding:Hardcover with Dust Jacket.


  Deep Healing: A Practical Outline of Past-Life Therapy
Price: Rs.600 Euro 25 Pounds 20 US $35
"Much more than an outline for therapy, this book provides a paradigm for the entire application of past-life work to modern therapy. It includes philosophy, theory, a priori evidence, solid techniques, new language,case histories, examples, traditional and alternative methods, healing techniques, soul work and Hans' unique brand of humor. This book encompasses all levels of past life work, but most of all, it is a practical "how to" guide for using the past life model.It gives background information and research findings; then it informs, giving the when, where, how and with whom to use the past-life techniques in the therapeutic setting, imparting deep healing to the individual doing the work.Vast in scope, the reader explores everything from being an effective therapist to working with the soul. Hans makes therapy simple by showing how to take what the client gives and working with it directly. His respect for the individuality of the client and his specific methods for staying with the client are impressive. A new science must have a new language. Hans TenDam develops new ideas, new language, a new paradigm. He addresses areas of working with the human psyche often neglected by other therapeutic models. Of great value is his client-centered approach to therapy, his way of showing unconditional client regard. Hans' grounded, practical techniques are simply and clearly defined."
Specifications: ISBN: 978-81-85250-47-2 Publication: 2011 [Year] Pages: 394 Price: Rs. 600

Price: Rs.600/- Euro 25 Pound 20 US $ 35
Contents: SET OF TWO DVDS which include Four full sessions with short comments for fellow therapists.
Specifications: Published 2010, set of two DVDs Price Rs.600


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Jose Custodio de Faria later known and became famous as Abbe Faria was born in Goa on 31st May 1756. He died in Paris on 20th September 1819. His father Caetano Victorino de Faria and mother Maria de Sousa of Candolim village, in Goa, India were progressive parents who separated after obtaining church dispensation. The father joining the seminary to complete his studies for priesthood and mother joining the St Monica Convent in Goa, where she rose to the position of prioress.

Abbe Faria was one of the pioneers of the scientific study of hypnotism. Faria claimed that hypnosis worked purely by the power of suggestion, a thesis which is now accepted throughout the world.
He discovered the scientific explanation for hypnotism and clairvoyance. He was also the first to propose a psychological theory for explaining the phenomenon of somnambulism, giving the therapeutical suggestions in a really extraordinary manner.
With this new contribution to the development of medical science, he was made a Member of the Medical Society of Marseilles, which was quite an achievement at that time, considering that he was not a medical person.

About the Author:
DIOGO MESANA FERNANDES was born in Goa on 9th October, 1942. He is a journalist and has worked with various newspapers in Mumbai and Goa. He has contributed articles and stories to various newspapers and magazines in Macau. His published works include THE GOLDEN CENSER [1975] SIR RICHARD BURTON OF THE THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT FAME [1978] THE GODDESS WHO CAME TO LIVE AMONG US - A Story of Mother Teresa [1980]. He lives with his wife in Macau and has a son and a daughter.

Specifications: ISBN 81-85250-38-3 Publication Date: June 2006 Size: 8.3/4" x 5.3/4" Pagination: 300+ Binding: Hardback Price Rs. 495/-
Book Release


Price Rs. 1900/- US$ 49 Euro 39

Images of Splendour – Institutions of the Indian Air Force is a marvellous pictorial presentation of the fascinating world of Indian Air Force.
The book begins with a brief history of IAF. Various units dealing with selection of officers and airmen come next. The book then makes way into the glorious citadels of training in IAF where Air Force Academy , Air Force Technical College and other major institutions are highlighted in their true splendour. The subsequent section enumerates Air Headquarters and the Seven IAF Commands. The book concludes with the medical and welfare establishments in IAF.
The book has been crafted after painstaking research and design. This book also includes a flowing history of IAF aircraft from the first Wapiti to the latest IL-78. This is a delightful depiction of the rich legacy of the Institutions of the Indian Air force and is indeed a very special book.

Contests: Foreword by Chief of the Air force Prologue The Magnificent Men behind the Machines Preparing for Wars Pillars of a future Force Keeping Pace with Changing Technology Maintenance and Supply Command and Control Medical Establishments Welfare in the IAF Aircraft of IAF from Inception to date Glossary.

Specifications: ISBN 81-85250-34-0 Publication Date: January 2004 size:368 mm x 266 mm Pagination 152 Binding Deluxe Hardback with Slipcase Full Colour throughout over 400 photos and illustrations UV Coating throughout

PRITHVI SE ANTARIKSH : GLIMPSES OF WESTERN AIR COMMAND is the first ever comprehensive history, in a coffee table format of Western Air Command (WAC), the premier operational command of the world’s fourth largest Air Force-the Indian Air Force. The command is the largest and senior most command of the IAF and enjoys an asset strength even greater than that of the entire PAF. The WAC is entrusted with the most challenging and onerous task of the IAF-that of defending the skies of India from the majestic Hindu Kush in the north to the desert wastelands of the Thar. Forged in battle, from the struggle to save Kashmir in 1947-48 the air warriors of WAC have had the honour to have served their country in every battle since. In a sense therefore, the history of the WAC is really the history of the IAF’s formative years.
This book for the first time details the magnificent history of the IAF through the eyes of WAC. The battles of J&K, the years of resurgence, the 1962 Chinese invasion, the spectacular wins of September 1965,


Specifications: ISBN 81-85250-39-1 Publication Date: January 2007 size:368 mm x 266 mm Pagination 188 Binding Deluxe Hardback with Slipcase Full Colour throughout over 350 photos and illustrations World Rights.

Price: Rs. 2,000/-
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This book of a different genre - the first of its kind on the Indian Armed Forces. It narates with great elan, the glorious ceremonial traditions of the IAF in a pictoral format showing some of the most fascinating and colourful images of the fourth largest Air Force in the world in its ceremonial best. It is published by Ritana Books in association with Indian Air Force.

Contents: Foreword by Chief of the Air Staff Preface Ceremonies in Honour of the President National Ceremonies IAF Ceremonies Parades and Guard of Honour Honouring Martyrs Ceremonial Formations War memorials and Museums Flags, banners, Crests and Battle Honours Philetlic Commemoration and IAF Publications Chiefs of IAF Glossary .

ISBN 81-85250-30-08 Publication Date: January 2002 Size: 368mm x 266mm Pagination: 200 Binding: Deluxe Hardback with Slipcase Full Colour Over 400 Photos & illustrations UV coating throughout

This is an exceptionally attractive, colourful book, with an absolutely enchanting cover, in the fascinating format of a coffee table book, was published by Ritana Books in association with the Indian Air Force. This book is again available due to popular demand.

Contents: Foreword IAF: A Journey through Time The Life-line Maintenance In Aid to Civil Power Siachen: Where No Eagles dare Panorama Landmarks Honours and Awards Chiefs of the Indian Air Force

Price: Rs. 2,000/-
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ISBN 81-85250-28-6 Publication Date:1999 Size: 14" x 10 " Pagination: 180 Binding: Deluxe Hardback with Slipcase Full Colour 320 Photographs UV coating throughout


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Edited by
Wing Commander RK Mandal
First Published: 2002
ISBN: 81-85250-31-6
Price: Rs. 390/-

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